Mysterious Object Appears Near China’s Shijian-21 Satellite

Mysterious Object Appears Near China’s Shijian-21 Satellite

There are thousands of artificial satellites revolving around the Earth, and it can be a true enigma when once in a while, an unidentified object appears near them. China’s Shijian-21 is one of those satellites, and many more will fill the Earth’s orbit in the near future, especially those that have to grant broadband internet connectivity to remote regions across the world.

According to, the US Space Force has detected an object that remains in geostationary orbit near China’s satellite. However, there is a possible explanation for the nature of the object.

Could it be an AKM?

The main suspicion is that the object appearing near Shijian-21 is an apogee kick motor (AKM), meaning a rocket body that has the purpose of taking satellites into geostationary orbit.

But if the object is not an AKM, what could it be? Obviously, those who are “alien hunters” will speculate that an extraterrestrial civilization might be to blame. The funny thing is that there’s no use ruling out the idea completely. is revealing to us that China’s satellite was recently sent into the air from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. There is a lot of space debris once you leave the Earth’s atmosphere, that’s for sure, and the supposed mission of the satellite is to clean up that junk, as the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. says. The launch of the satellite into space marked the 39th orbital launch attempt of China in 2021. The event tied an annual record when it comes to Chinese launch activity set for 2018 and 2020.

We hope that a definitive answer will be provided soon regarding the origin of the object that appeared near the Shijian-21 satellite. Until that moment, feel free to speculate about aliens, visitors from the future, or anything you like. You can even let your imagination freely flow by letting your thoughts in the comment section if you want.

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