Mysterious Light In The Clouds Above Scotland Considered An Interdimensional Portal By Ufologists

Mysterious Light In The Clouds Above Scotland Considered An Interdimensional Portal By Ufologists

More and more people believe in the idea that there are other realities and dimensions besides our own, interacting with us and even overlapping. With this idea also comes the possibility of traveling between different dimensions. Recently, a video posted by SecureTeam10 on YouTube showed a weird phenomenon that occurred in Scotland during a thunderstorm. Many believe it was an interdimensional portal.

The Scottish county of Midlothian, near Edinburgh, has become a subject of debate among UFO believers and time travelers. A stunning recently released video shows a circular blue light that appears in the night sky.

Interestingly, an unidentified flying object passes near the supposed interdimensional portal, just before it closes.

Subsequently, the controversial YouTube channel Secureteam10 shared the images. Tyler Glockner, head of Secureteam10, is convinced that the mysterious light that appears in the Scottish sky is, in fact, an interdimensional portal.

“It really looks like something that generates a lot of light,” Glockner said. “It’s definitely not a spotlight on the ground. It seems to shrink and shrink until the sky engulfs it completely.

The interdimensional portal is nothing else than the moonlight behind the clouds, scientists said

As the video became viral on social networks, many Internet users began to put forward various theories to explain the mysterious light phenomenon over Scotland. Some users argued that the portal that appeared in the sky could be used by extraterrestrial civilizations for time travel, while others speculated on the possibility of UFOs using these portals to travel great interstellar distances.

However, some scientists said that the light emanating in the sky could actually be from the Moon hidden behind the clouds. Apparently, the “portal” would be a separation of thick clouds with the light of the Moon, something similar to the rays of the Sun, but in the night sky.

The truth is that so far no one has been able to find an explanation for the strange phenomenon and the mysterious object that appears before the mysterious light fades away. We only have baseless hypotheses, which make it clear that for the skeptics it is only the moonlight and for the UFO believers it is an interdimensional portal.

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