Mysterious Creature Found On A Beach In The UK Puzzles The Scientists

Mysterious Creature Found On A Beach In The UK Puzzles The Scientists

A mysterious creature has surfaced on Rhossili Beach, in Wales, in the United Kingdom, and scientists have been uncertain of its identity since then. The 5-ft-long carcass that was uncovered on a beach “has a long head, a giant jaw and a slender tail,” according to the UK media reports.

Beth Jannetta, 41, who spotted the mysterious creature while hiking with her dogs, reported that she emailed a photo of the creature to the local scientists, expecting them to be able to identify it. However, up to now, researchers are not certain whether this is a species of dolphin, porpoise or whale.

“It looked like a decomposing cetacean. Other people think it’s something different, like a crocodile,” Janetta said. “It would be very interesting to find out what species it is,” she added.

National Endowment Ranger, Mark Hipkin, who was summoned to gather the carcass, claimed he considered it to be a porpoise. “We have porpoises stranding on the coast regularly, as well as dolphins and seals, and sometimes even sheep,” he said.

The recently discovered mysterious creature puzzles the scientists

However, not all of them are persuaded. Dan Forman, a professor of biosciences at Swansea University, replied that “its jawline suggests that he is like a whale or a dolphin.”

“We have a reasonable number of whales and dolphins, many of which are dead and decomposed, in places like Pendine and Rhossili,” said Dr. Forman.

So far, nobody is certain which marine species the mysterious creature was.

However, the researchers admit that the ocean is inhabited by a great number of yet unknown and bizarre creatures simply because it is poorly researched. In another similar case, in mid-2017, a team of researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) came across a series of strange species that they dubbed after the characters from the Game Of Thrones TV-series.

Above all, strange and yet unknown species are frequently discovered on beaches around the world proving that the oceans can house more species that science has discovered so far.


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