Mutant Bacteria From Space Are A Real Threat To Life On Earth, According To Russian Scientists

Mutant Bacteria From Space Are A Real Threat To Life On Earth, According To Russian Scientists

Regular bacteria were delivered to the Russian part of the ISS for tests during the experiment called “Biorisk.” But, according to Russian scientists, these mutant bacteria from space are threatening the life on Earth and should be contained.

Starting with January 2005, the Russian scientists conducted some experiments on their side of the ISS, involving about 70 living subjects such as insects, microorganisms, vertebrate animals, plants, and bacteria. The research, meant to reveal how different organisms behave in space, yielded mutant bacteria.

When returned home, the mutant bacteria from space presented an impressive aggressiveness and, besides, they are also highly antibiotic resistant, the Russian scientists stated in their report prepared for the International Committee on Space Research which will be held in the US later in July. The report also shows that crustaceans’ eggs and caviar of African toothcarp fish also survived in no-gravity conditions for about three years and suffered mutations, as well.

Mutant bacteria from space are a real threat to life on Earth and should be contained, advise the Russian scientists

“The living organisms are capable of surviving in outer space. Hypothetically, in the distant future, the arrival of alien substances from other planets to Earth may be possible as well as to other planets from Earth. In addition, the danger is posed by terrestrial microorganisms that returned from space after visiting another planet and transforming in an unknown manner in its atmosphere,” reported the Russian scientists, cited by RIA-Novosti.

As this new threat is shaping up already, the Russian scientists are even planning on coming up with thorough containment procedures to protect life on Earth from these mutant bacteria from space which are very aggressive and resist to every antibiotic.

The ‘Biorisk’ experiment’s results “are not only of significant scientific interest but also invaluable from the practical point of view for the justification of the planetary quarantine strategy during future interplanetary flights,” as the Russian scientists stated in their report.

In conclusion, Russians want to expose to the world the risks that mutant bacteria from space pose for the life on Earth, and they will do that during the International Committee on Space Research, later this month.


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