Music Can Benefit Your Mental Health Just As Much as Physical Exercise

Music Can Benefit Your Mental Health Just As Much as Physical Exercise

Surely you’ve heard about the huge benefits that working out can have on your mental health. The old Latin proverb “Mens sana in corpore sano” is entirely true. It was known from ancient times that physical exercise could keep your mental health at optimum levels. 

But why bother making so much effort to work out when you can do something very relaxing, such as listening to music? Someone would ask that question, and although it may sound absurd, there could be some level of truth in it. Besides, perhaps everybody likes listening to some form of music. 

Enjoying music in many ways can be beneficial is the publication telling us about the incredible benefits that music can have for our mental health, adding that it could be just as helpful as physical exercise, according to new research that was published in JAMA Network Open. It seems that enjoying music in many ways can benefit our mental health, whether we’re talking about singing, playing, or even the simple act of listening.

The new research is based on 26 previous studies and hundreds of people, which makes it pretty reliable if you ask us. Other studies have promoted as well the idea that music can be somehow connected to wellbeing.

The researchers explained:

This meta-analysis of 26 studies of music interventions provided clear and quantitative moderate-quality evidence that music interventions are associated with clinically significant changes in mental HRQOL,

Additionally, a subset of 8 studies demonstrated that adding music interventions to usual treatment was associated with clinically significant changes to mental HRQOL in a range of conditions.

HRQL refers to health-related quality of life.

There’s now hope that health professionals will start prescribing music therapy more often for patients who are in need of good mental health.

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