Moons of Uranus Could Be Hiding Underground Oceans

Moons of Uranus Could Be Hiding Underground Oceans

Life forms certainly can’t pop out from anywhere. A series of the right conditions are needed. One crucial ingredient is liquid water. This means that as soon as you detect the colorless and odorless substance on another planet, there’s a chance that some life forms are also dwelling there.

But what if astronomers had looked at the wrong planets until now while searching for alien life forms? Or actually, maybe they’ve looked at the wrong moons. While our beloved Earth only has one natural satellite, other planets have a lot more. Saturn, for instance, is the champion of the Solar System, as the gas giant has 82 discovered moons. Therefore, maybe astronomers should insist more upon such remote worlds.

Oceans present on Titania and Oberon?

Titania and Oberon are two moons revolving around Uranus, the planet that’s located too far away to benefit from the heat and energy of the Sun. According to a new study that Daily Mail tells us about, these two moons could be hiding some oceans underneath. The researchers involved ran some computer simulations.

Francis Nimmo from the University of California, Santa Cruz, who’s the study author, declared for New Scientist:

I’d bet they do have oceans,

It would not be at all surprising.

The surface temperatures of the two aforementioned moons of Uranus are nothing but friendly towards any life forms that could appear there. The average temperature on both Titania and Oberon is -200 degrees Celsius. But due to the radioactive elements from the interior of these cosmic bodies, some of their interior water could be kept in melted form.

Apart from the new study, it wouldn’t be too surprising if life exists somewhere else in the Solar System. Our planet is abundant in life (roughly 8.7 million species, including plants), so why wouldn’t it develop on other planets as well?


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