Mind-Boggling Scientific Theory Emerges: There Could Be Another Universe Where Time Runs Backward

Mind-Boggling Scientific Theory Emerges: There Could Be Another Universe Where Time Runs Backward

Try to imagine a world where you came into existence as an old person, and the more time it passes, the younger you become. Try to imagine that you already know the result of a football game before it starts. In other words, try to imagine a reality where time runs backward.

Regardless of how incredible it may sound, that’s pretty much what a new scientific theory claims. There could be a parallel universe somewhere out there where the laws of physics may be completely different from what we’re all used to. To be more precise, that universe could imply that time runs backward, according to LiveScience.com, and that could make scientists reshape a bit their view on a few important concepts of reality.

The mystery of dark matter finally solved?

There’s a huge difference from theory to fact. Scientists are just theorizing now that another universe might exist where time runs backward. However, the idea of many other universes existing beside our own and together forming a Multiverse is not new at all in astrophysics. 

But if the latest theory is correct and there really is a parallel universe existing where time runs in a completely opposite way than we are used to, it means that scientists might finally solve the dark matter puzzle. This weird form of matter would represent a “flavor” of neutrinos, meaning those odd particles that have the ability to pass through objects. There’s no wonder why physicists call them ‘ghost particles’.  

Dark matter is a mysterious structure that accounts for about 27% of the universe. 68% of our universe consists of dark energy, while only about 5% represents the normal matter that we’re all used to.

But how to tell for sure if the hypothetical universe is real or not? There’s a chance that experiments regarding gravitational waves or understanding more about neutrino’s mass will unveil the mystery. Only time will tell. Thankfully, it doesn’t run backward in our universe!

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