Mind-Blowing Discovery in Neuroscience: Information From Neurons Can Take Unexpected Turns

Mind-Blowing Discovery in Neuroscience: Information From Neurons Can Take Unexpected Turns

The world of science is once again under a major shock, as the knowledge researchers had about neurons is being challenged even more. Until recently, scientists knew that a neuron sends electrochemical signals through its axons to another neuron’s dendrites in order to share information. While there’s nothing wrong here, a new study shows that the same pattern can also take a slightly different turn.
As ScienceAlert.com reveals, it has now shown that information from neurons can also head towards the opposite direction at the synapse. This discovery is a world premiere.

Naturally networked cells from rats were analyzed

Neuroscientist David Vandael and his colleagues had recorded the interaction between the sending axons of neurons and the receiving dendrites from pyramidal neurons present in naturally networked cells from rats. The setup allowed the scientists to stimulate a message for a cell to send.
While it was normal for the mossy neurons to influence the signalling of the pyramidal neurons, the scientists were stunned to find out that the reverse was also available.
Peter Jonas, who is a cellular neuroscientist from Austria’s Institute of Science and Technology (IST), declared:

The pre-synaptic mossy fiber detects when the post-synaptic neuron can’t take more information: When activity increases in the post-synaptic neuron, the pre-synaptic neuron reduces the extent of plasticity.

The scientist also added:

We find that this synapse acts like a ‘smart teacher’, who adapts the lessons when students are overloaded with information.

Whether we like to admit it or not, reality proves to us that neuroscience still has a lot to discover. Peter Jonas confirms it indirectly by saying:

Once again, exact measurements have shown that reality is more complex than a simplified model would suggest.

The new research was published in Nature Communications.

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