Mental Health Experts Give Us 4 Tips for How to Be Happier and More Resilient Every Day

Mental Health Experts Give Us 4 Tips for How to Be Happier and More Resilient Every Day

Remaining in a good vibe and resilient over the day can be a true struggle nowadays. The TV news are often depressing, jobs and wages are always getting people upset, the traffic is infernal, and the examples could continue forever.

Those are some of the reasons we all should take into account the four new tips that mental health experts are now giving us in order to feel happier and more resilient throughout the day. is the publication telling us about the tips offered by psychiatrist Dr. Samantha Boardman and Dr. Jackson, and here they are:

Do a check-in for five minutes every morning

You have to be aware of how you’re feeling. Do this by setting a timer of 5 minutes for each morning and taking some notes. Doctor Boardman suggests you should start with the following questions:

  • What do I need today?
  • How do I feel?
  • How do I want my day to go?

Create small moments of positivity

Our brains are designed to focus on negative emotions instead of positive ones, and this is one thing we can try to fix. The method is simple: seeking those people or things that make you happy, meaning little moments of positivity. The doctor explains as CNBC quotes:

A meaningful connection or an uplifting activity enhances our resilience by acting as a buffer between us and the stress we’ll inevitably encounter in our lives. 

Start a tech audit

Social media seems to be causing, or at least be related to anxiety and depression in people. Dr. Boardman recommends stopping following certain pages or people that make you feel that way.

Establish boundaries

Don’t be afraid to say ‘no,’ even if someone becomes upset. Dr. Jackson also explains as the same source mentioned above quotes:

Resilience is often confused with independence, like, ‘let me shrink as much as I can to support others,

But resilience should be more about prioritizing your needs.

She also adds:

If you have dinner plans with a friend, for example, but you need to stay home and rest, you shouldn’t feel bad about rescheduling – or if you need additional support at work because your brain is scattered, ask a manager or teammate for that.

Do you have your own ways of feeling happier throughout the day?


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