Mass Evacuation Ordered After Volcano Eruption in Canary Island – Watch Video

Mass Evacuation Ordered After Volcano Eruption in Canary Island – Watch Video

Volcanic eruptions are nothing to neglect, and the one that occurred recently on the Spanish island of Las Palma is a good example. Local authorities evacuated thousands of people from their homes, as The Hill writes.

Ash and lava caused by the eruption posed a threat to thousands of people. Therefore, the authorities planned the evacuation of over 5,000 residents who were living in villages. Luckily, there were no reported injuries.

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As for those residents such as those with disabilities who needed assistance regarding evacuating, they were moved from the area before the eruption itself.

The local government said as CNN writes:

We call on people to exercise extreme caution and to stay away from the eruption area in order to avoid unnecessary risks,

Likewise, it is very important to keep roads clear so that they can be used by our land operatives.

Volcanoes are one thing, but a supervolcano can be a lot more dangerous. Although most of the current supervolcanoes from Earth are extinct, some scientists are worrying that one of them could become a real threat someday.

Volcanoes can also be helpful in some way

Entire chains of volcanoes are believed to have stabilized temperatures from the Earth’s surface by emitting and removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

In case you’re under a volcano warning, there are some basic things you should do: avoid driving in heavy ash, make temporary shelter from volcanic ash where you are, seal doors and windows, cover ventilation openings, and use a dust or cloth mask.

La Palma covers an area of 708.3 square kilometres, and it had a population of over 84,000 people. The island is part of Spain’s Canary Islands, and it’s located off northwestern Africa.


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