Mars, Venus, and Saturn Will Join the Same Visual Frame on the Night Sky Very Soon

Mars, Venus, and Saturn Will Join the Same Visual Frame on the Night Sky Very Soon

Mars, Venus, and Saturn represent three unique worlds of our Solar System, and for good reasons. Venus is Earth’s “twin sister” despite having scorching temperatures on its surface; Mars is the place where humanity could move in the far future, while Saturn delights us all through its iconic rings.

Seeing all those three planets in the same visual frame across the night sky is a true blessing, even though you do it just with the naked eye. However, grabbing some binoculars and choosing a spot from where you get to see a cloudless night sky is even better.

Prepare for the celestial show of March 23

On March 23, you have the chance of being among the lucky ones who will witness Venus, Mars, and Saturn as they come in the same visual frame across the night sky, according to But the good news doesn’t end here, as other two important cosmic objects will join the three planets. We have the Moon and the very bright star Antares.

You can get to see the spectacular celestial show on the southeast and before sunrise. This means that you’ll likely need to wake up early, but it will surely be worth the effort!

Although there’s a lot of skepticism surrounding the idea of humans colonizing Mars one day, there are plenty of astronomers who believe that the goal is feasible. One of them is Jim Green from NASA, a guy who not only thinks that humanity will colonize Mars one day. He’s also confident that the colonization of Venus is also possible.  

If scientists are currently still struggling to find out how to lay foot on Mars, going to Venus will be even a lot more difficult. “Earth’s twin” is often compared with a hellish world due to the high temperatures, crushing atmospheric pressure, and other horrible conditions for us humans.


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