Mars Mind Blowing Discovery: Ancient Underground Lakes Revealed

Mars Mind Blowing Discovery: Ancient Underground Lakes Revealed

It’s been just revealed that there may be a world of water-filled ponds that are hiding beneath the dry and dusty planet’s southern ice cap. 

It’s been revealed that there’s a new study that is led by researchers at the Roma Tre University in Italy that is strengthening the case for a 2018 discovery of a hidden lake under the Martian polar ice – then, it extends this find to also include three new ponds.

It’s been also revealed that the researchers have used radar data from the ESA’s Mars Express orbiter in order to make its original detection of liquid water.

Three new ponds have been discovered 

According to CNET, ESA stated the following just the other day: “Now, taking into account more data and analyzing it in a different way, three new ponds have been discovered.”

It’s been revealed that these lakes seem to be lurking under a layer of ice. The largest lake is reportedly around 19 miles (30 km) across with some smaller ponds that surround it.

Experts are expecting that the water must be incredibly salty in order to stay liquid at lower temperatures. It’s been revealed by the same source that there’s a separate 2019 study that suggested volcanic activity might help keep the water from freezing.

On the other hand, it seems that the current paper leans heavily into the salt concept.

“While it is not possible for water to remain stable on the surface today the new result opens the possibility that an entire system of ancient lakes might exist underground, perhaps millions or even billions of years old,” according to ESA.

Anyway, we recommend that you check out the original article in order to learn more details. 

In other news, not too long ago, NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover managed to spot a dust devil swirling through the Red Planet’s landscape.

Curiosity managed to photograph the dust devil on August 9.

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