Marks of the Big Bang Could Be Present Even Today in Some Cosmic Objects

Marks of the Big Bang Could Be Present Even Today in Some Cosmic Objects

The Big Bang was arguably the most important event in the history of the Universe. While some scientists believe that literally nothing existed before the Big Bang, others believe that the event just marked a transition from one universe to another.

Regardless of the truth, the Big Bang was indeed an extremely important event. All of the matter, time, and space that surround us were once condensed into an incredibly small point, a so-called “singularity” that was even smaller than an atom.

Marks of the Big Bang are present in some black holes

Supermassive black holes such as the one from the center of our Milky Way galaxy are believed now to host some marks of the Big Bang itself, according to new findings that speaks about. Finding SMBHs (supermassive black holes) in the early Universe is now possible. The simple fact that they exist isn’t too surprising. But trying to explain how they are able to form so fast is a challenge.

The new theory is that SMBHs might have originated in the momentous early period of the Big Bang itself. There is a way for such a thing to be possible, although it may sound like something unfeasible. The Universe started to exist as a place of extreme pressures. Extreme density contrasts could exist, as a lot of mass will get cramped into a very small portion. That’s when black holes can emerge.

However, there are a lot of studies and theories regarding the Big Bang. One of them even states that both the Big Bang and time could be nothing else but illusions. Therefore, there might have been no beginning for the Universe after all. If so, scientists would have to go back to an idea that was generally accepted by astronomers until about 100 years ago: that the Universe always existed.

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