Lunar Exploration: Science Future Sounds Interesting

Lunar Exploration: Science Future Sounds Interesting

The moon can soon become a popular destination for vacation if things continue to evolve. Numerous lunar missions have already been planned by both national governments and private companies. This might be an important step for space exploration and we could learn more about the moon as well.


Right now, a lunar lander named Peregrine is being developed by Astrobotic. The lander is supposed to pay a visit to the moon in about two years and they home that these trips will become something regular in the future.

Right now the project already has 11 partners, and it appears that they are planning to create a “spacecraft bus” that can be used for all kinds of missions. Dan Hendrickson, vice president of business development for the Pittsburgh-based company Astrobotic, explained that he hopes that Peregrine will be used for anything, from sample-return to resource utilization.

Blue Moon

Another lander that is supposed to touch the moon really soon is Blue Moon. The lander comes from Blue Origin and it will be able to put up to 4,500 kg of payload on the moon.

In fact, it appears that this project is to create a permanent base on the moon. “That’s our goal. It’s not just a single return; it’s a return to enable a permanent presence robotically and, eventually, with humans as well,” explained A.C. Charania, manager of advanced programs at Blue Origin.

Moon Express

Moon Express is another project that aims to populate the moon in time. The company’s vice president of global development explained that they consider the moon “the Earth’s eighth continent” and they aim to exploit it and use its resources for economic evolvement. These resources include the ice that can be found on the moon, which contains hydrogen and oxygen.


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