Los Angeles Faces Earthquake

Los Angeles Faces Earthquake

The US Geological Survey announced that the Lennox area of Los Angeles County had to face a new earthquake occurring on Monday. The jolt took place at a depth of 19.9 km, and it was recorded at 4:44 a.m. PT (7:44 a.m. ET).
The quake came soon after another one of 2.5 magnitude and that registered at a depth of 25.9 km. For those who don’t know, Lennox is an unincorporated area located several miles east of Los Angeles International Airport.

4.0 magnitude

The new earthquake that jolted Los Angeles was only of 4.0 magnitude, meaning that it’s considered a light quake. CNN has written about the subject.
USGS Earthquakes wrote:

This morning’s wake-up call was widely felt in the greater Los Angeles area,

Unusually deep at ~20 km. Odds are high that nothing bigger will happen, but every felt quake is a reminder that California is earthquake country.

Los Angeles County, which is officially the County of Los Angeles, is the most populous county in the United States and in the state of California, having more than ten million inhabitants as of 2018.
Los Angeles County has the third-largest metropolitan economy on the planet, reaching a Nominal GDP of over $700 billion. There are 88 incorporated cities and a lot of unincorporated areas. At 4,083 square miles (10,570 km2), Los Angeles County is larger than both Delaware and Rhode Island combined.


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