Life Existing on Venus? What Scientists Say

Life Existing on Venus? What Scientists Say

Nobody can know for sure what weird shapes and combinations life could take on other planets. Aliens don’t necessarily have to look like us or as we’ve all seen in sci-fi movies or cartoons.

Despite being considered Earth’s twin for having a similar size, Venus is very different from our planet. The brightest object from the night sky after the Moon presents a fiery surface, a crushing atmospheric pressure, as well as other conditions that would make impossible the existence of life as we know it. But that didn’t stop some astronomers from theorizing that some forms of light might exist on our neighboring planet.

Sulfur’s behavior in the Venus’ atmosphere does NOT indicate the presence of life

Some believed that the sulfur present in the atmosphere of Venus behaves in a peculiar way that could indicate the presence of some forms of alien life that live above the surface. According to a new study done by researchers from the University of Cambridge that tells the world about, we can rule out the possible existence of any life forms in the Venus’ atmosphere. The composition of the atmosphere itself cannot be explained by the presence of alien organisms, according to the new research.

Sean Jordan from the Institute of Astronomy of Cambridge, explained as quotes:

We looked at the sulfur-based ‘food’ available in the Venusian atmosphere—it’s not anything you or I would want to eat, but it is the main available energy source,

If that food is being consumed by life, we should see evidence of that through specific chemicals being lost and gained in the atmosphere.

However, just because Venus is a living Hell right now doesn’t necessarily mean that it can never become habitable. Let’s not forget that Earth looked just the same about 4 billion years ago. A few months ago, a NASA scientist even proposed a new wild theory of making Venus habitable in the long run.


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