Laughter May Actually Be a Survival Strategy, Scientifically Speaking

Laughter May Actually Be a Survival Strategy, Scientifically Speaking

The great cosmologist and physicist Stephen Hawking once said that life would be tragic if it weren’t amusing. Surely you’ve at least heard the phrase that laughing is healthy. Ring any bell?

Having a good sense of humor can surely get you out of a lot of tough situations in life. It can also make you cope with your burdens more easily. But laughter can be a survival strategy in an even more scientific way.

Natural selection may have preserved laughter

According to new research that ScienceAlert tells us about, the theory emerges that natural selection has preserved laughter to help the human race survive. 

The regions of the brain that regulate laughter are responsible for controlling emotions and even fears. Laughing makes us experience relief and break the stress caused by a certain situation. In other words, humans are also capable of overcoming anxiety and depression by laughing.

There’s no wonder why hospitals sometimes use humor in an attempt to heal patients.

Another recent study shows that laughter is also a powerful endorphin releaser. This is especially available if a person laughs along with other people. Endorphins represent the homegrown chemicals that make us feel good. 

Ever been attracted to a person only because he or she can make you laugh a lot? Of course, you’ve been! It’s in our nature to feel that! Laughing can even be contagious and help you form social bonds. The new theory of natural selection preserving laughter might also explain our instinct of liking amusing people more.

Another weird fact about laughter is that not only humans can do it. Rats and monkeys are also among the creatures capable of it. 

Cristian Antonescu

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