Lake Michigan and Lake Huron Lost an Incredibly Huge Amount of Water in Just Two Years

Lake Michigan and Lake Huron Lost an Incredibly Huge Amount of Water in Just Two Years

Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake that’s located completely in the USA. We’re also talking about one of the five Great Lakes from North America. Finding out that, along with Lake Huron, Lake Michigan lost 20 trillion gallons of water in just two years is indeed incredible, but it’s true. The news is brought by

Lake Huron and Lake Michigan behave as one lake. In the last few years, an enormous amount of water has left the Great Lakes. The transformation of Lake Michigan and Huron can also be translated into visible results, not just in statistics. 

Lakes Michigan and Huron are 25 inches lower compared to 2020

That’s how much water the two lakes lost in the last two years – they appear to be 25 inches lower compared to 2020. They’re also 8 inches lower compared to the same period last year. 

There are two known ways that water leaves a lake. The Sun can cause it to evaporate from the lake’s surface. Water can also leave a lake through a river that will drain extra water away.

Need any more information to be convinced of how insanely big is Lake Michigan? It means you must take into account that the lake covers an area of 58,030 km². It also has a width of 190km and a length of 494km. The volume of the lake is also worth mentioning, as it reaches 4,918 km³.

There are also some interesting species of fish in Lake Michigan. Just in case you need to expand your knowledge in this area as well, you should keep in mind that in the lake, you can find fishes like Lake trout, Yellow perch, Bowfin, Smallmouth bass, and Largemouth bass.

There are a total of five Great Lakes in North America: Superior, Erie, Huron, Michigan, and Ontario.

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