Kazakhstan Has Witnessed A Rare Natural Phenomenon

Kazakhstan Has Witnessed A Rare Natural Phenomenon

On the morning of March 5th, 2018, the “mother-nature” offered a rare spectacle for the inhabitants of Almaty, one of the largest cities in Kazakhstan. They had the chance to contemplate a rare natural phenomenon – a huge halo was clearly visible in the sky. In truth, the luminous circle was the result of an optical phenomenon.

It is due to the reflections of sunlight through ice crystals, which can be cirriform clouds or ice pieces suspended in the atmosphere.

There are many types of halos. They usually appear around the Sun, the Moon, or other powerful light sources, like some streetlights. A halo is a group of photometers often having the shape of rings, arches, or columns.

The appearance of this phenomenon can bring a lot of essential information about meteorology.

A rainbow halo in Brazil

In history, halos and unusual solar or lunar optical phenomena have always intrigued astronomers and astrologers. They have sometimes interpreted them as divine messages.

Also recently, on February 26, residents of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina had the opportunity to witness a rare natural phenomenon similar to that in Kazakhstan.

Brazilian had the opportunity to capture a rare rainbow halo photos. Some immediately published it on social networks.

More and more frequent appearances

Note that a halo is an indicator of cloud temperature, the physical state of water, the size, shape, and orientation of ice crystals, and more similar aspects. It can also mean that the air is humid at altitude.

In addition, you should know that halos can form even if the weather is warm and nice.

The mode and the duration of appearance of this rare natural phenomenon vary. It can last a few seconds or several hours, and be discreet or clearly visible. Halo apparitions have recently multiplied because of the increase in air travel which generates more and more artificial clouds formed from jet engines.

There are also other favorable conditions for the formation of halos such as snow cannons, the slight rising wind and the arrangement of the sun at a certain height on the horizon.

A halo is just a natural rare phenomenon, an optic phenomenon caused by the refraction and reflection of the sunlight rays in the ice particle in the sky.


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