Jupiter and Venus Appear Incredibly Close to One Another on the Night Sky

Jupiter and Venus Appear Incredibly Close to One Another on the Night Sky

It seems like Jupiter and Venus have decided to have a little rendezvous in the night sky, and boy, are they getting close!

You are very justified in thinking about Jupiter as being the big guy, the planet with the most swagger in the solar system. And Venus, well, she’s the gorgeous one, the planet that knows how to turn heads.

But here they are, flirting with each other, getting closer and closer every night. It’s like watching two celebrities who you never thought would date suddenly hit it off and start making googly eyes at each other.

Jupiter and Venus will approach on March 1

On March 1st, an extraordinary event is set to take place in the night sky as Venus and Jupiter, two of the solar system’s most impressive celestial bodies, are poised to approach each other, as space.com informs. The planets will be in such close proximity, just 29.4 arcminutes or half a degree apart, that it will appear as though they are about to lock lips in a romantic embrace.

This cosmic meeting of the hottest and largest planets in our solar system will be visible from New York City at approximately 6:04 pm EST, with the planets located about 23 degrees above the horizon in the western sky.

Venus and Jupiter are two of the most impressive planets in our solar system. Venus is the hottest planet with surface temperatures that can melt lead, while Jupiter is the largest planet, with a diameter more than 11 times that of Earth.

What makes the planets amazing is that on occasion, they can appear incredibly close to one another in the night sky, which is an awe-inspiring sight to behold. During their close approach, they will look like two bright stars, with Venus shining with a white light and Jupiter with a pale yellow light.


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