Jupier’s Great Red Spot Highlighted In New Image Of Insane Storms

Jupier’s Great Red Spot Highlighted In New Image Of Insane Storms

Jupiter is a really special place with its swirling atmosphere which is riddled with wild storms. The colorful could bands of the planet are standing out in a fresh Hubble Space Telescope image that’s been recently captured back in August. 

The view is from 406 million miles away and it’s a crisp photo due to the great eye of the Hubble Telescope. This is a joint project between NASA and the ESA.

As CNET reported, experts are excited about the fast-moving new storm that erupted in the middle of August. 

This shows up as a bright white area towards the upper left of the planet. NASA said “the timing of the Hubble observations is perfect for showing the structure in the wake of the disturbance, during the early stages of its evolution.”

Jupiter’s fascinating Europa 

At a closer look, you are also able to see Jupiter’s fascinating moon Europa in the dark off to the left side. NASA is working to develop a mission to visit the icy world and this could be definitely a spot to also check for alien life as well.

Hubble’s Jupiter photo is highlighting the most famous feature that this planet has. 

“The iconic Great Red Spot, a storm big enough to swallow Earth, shows that it’s shrinking a little in the Hubble images, but it still dominates the entire southern atmosphere, plowing through the clouds like a cargo ship,” said NASA is a release this week.

It’s been also revealed by the same online publication that’s been mentioned above that research is showing the fact that the Great Red Spot is getting smaller and the cause of the size change remains unknown. 

Experts are expecting this to hang around for years and they hope for more pics such as this one. 

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