Jeff Bezos Released On Twitter The Video Of The Latest Blue Origin BE-4 Ignition Test

Jeff Bezos Released On Twitter The Video Of The Latest Blue Origin BE-4 Ignition Test

The Blue Origin space private company has assembled its first rocket engine, BE-4, approximately 1 year ago and that’s the new engine that the company is going to use for sending future rockets to Earth’s orbit. This morning, the Blue Origin CEO, Jeff Bezos uploaded on Twitter a footage showing the BE-4 latest ignition test.

It’s a giant step for Blue Origin since it’s been working on this project since early 2011.

Blue Origin’s Plans For The Future

Space X is not the only private company to have an interest in developing business on the Moon.

Blu Origin’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, wants to find a way to make a settlement on the surface of the Moon, too. Through the Blue Origin program, Jeff Bezos plans to create a delivery service to send the necessary equipment to build human settlements on the lunar surface by 2020.

In addition, the company offers researchers the ability to easily send scientific tools which can be used to study the Moon.

Blue Origin’s spacecraft is able to carry 4.5 tons of cargo and equipment

Blue Origin will use a spacecraft propelled by the BE-4 engine to deliver the needed assets. The Blue Origin’s spacecraft, suggestively named Blue Moon, will be able to carry around 4,500 kilos of cargo.

Analyzing the location of the mission in question, the company plans to land on the Shackleton crater, which is at the south pole of the Moon. And that’s because the region has a continuous share of sunlight from which solar panels of the ship can be used to produce energy.

In addition, Shackleton is a region rich in frozen water that Blue Moon can turn into fuel.

In the meantime, we can enjoy the BE-4 latest ignition test footage which has been tweeted by Jeff Bezos, the CEO of the Blue Origin company.


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