Jeff Bezos Discussed Blue Origin Plans For Space Exploration And Moon Colonization

Jeff Bezos Discussed Blue Origin Plans For Space Exploration And Moon Colonization

There is no doubt that Jeff Bezos, the owner of Blue Origin and Amazon, wishes to see man returning to the Moon and to fly, otherwise, beyond the Earth. He is now, however, giving a better meaning of what that entails, though, and it is obvious that his views are extended into the long term.

During an interview he explained his intention to get Blue Origin to collaborate with NASA and ESA to build a sustainable habitat on the Moon, and that he will do anything in his power to ensure that this will become a reality. That is, in other words, the company should not be kept waiting if it considers that official space agencies are losing time.

The Moon is perfect for a colony, Jeff Bezos thinks

Blue Origin looks forward to the deployment of its Blue Moon lander somewhen in the mid-2020s but that is dependent on securing adequate support.

The Moon is a good location for a human colony, said Jeff Bezos, pointing out that the Moon is fairly close and holds liquid water, according to the latest discoveries, that may be transformed into breathable air and even into rocket combustible.

Moving the heavy industry in the outer space…

Jeff Bezos also thinks beyond the Moon colonization as he envisioned that it would get simpler to relocate a great deal of the Earth’s heavy industry into outer space in the next few decades. In this regard, he proposed that a number of people would be able to operate on hollow asteroids.

The Earth, therefore, would only serve for residential and light industrial activities, pictures Jeff Bezos.

The Blue Origin plans are in striking contrast to Elon Musk’s perspective for his SpaceX. While SpaceX has the objective to colonize Mars and builds rockets in this regard, Blue Origin and his founder, Jeff Bezos, plan more for a industrialization of the outer space.


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