Japenese Researchers Achieved Quantum Information Teleportation

Japenese Researchers Achieved Quantum Information Teleportation

A team of scientists from the Japanese Yokohama National University has reached a new milestone by teleporting quantum information within a diamond. The landmark event is a significant step forward in the new but thriving field of quantum information technology.

The leading researcher has stated that the primary goal of the experiment was to bring information to inaccessible places. Quantum teleportation can bypass these limits and deliver information to spaces which cannot be reached with the help of other means while also keeping the data intact.

The inaccessible space which was previously mentioned is the lattice of carbon atoms which are found in a diamond. The symmetric structure of the diamond features six protons and neutrons in the nucleus, surrounded by six electrons which spin around it. During the bonding process, the atoms will form a highly-resilient lattice.

The researchers focused on defects which may appear in some diamonds. They occur when a nitrogen atom occupies the free space that should be taken by carbon atoms.

Japanese researchers achieved quantum information teleportation to diamonds

The team guided an electron and carbon isotope in one of the free spaces with the help of microwaves and the radio wave which was transmitted into the diamond with the help of an incredibly thin wire. The wire was thinner than a quarter of the width of a human hair. By attaching the cable to the diamond, an oscillating magnetic field was created.

The microwaves were used to transfer the information found within the diamond, and the team managed to successfully use a nitrogen nanomagnet to send the polarization state of a photon to a carbon atom, a process which can be deemed to be real teleportation.

When the photon information was sent to another node, an immediate entanglement was observed between the two nodes. Further research is already underway as the scientists plan to adapt the method for practical use in the future.

The new data could play a valuable role in the development of quantum computer systems. The study was published in a scientific journal.


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