Japanese Billionaire Yasaku Maezawa To Fly Around The Moon With SpaceX

Japanese Billionaire Yasaku Maezawa To Fly Around The Moon With SpaceX

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, revealed the name of the first tourist to be sent aboard the Big Falcon Rocket (also known as the BFR) in the first space tourism flight around the Moon, an ambitious project by the privet space company. According to Musk’s statement, the Japanese billionaire Yasaku Maezawa will be the first space tourist to fly with SpaceX BFR.

Japanese Yasaku Maezawa to be the first space tourist aboard SpaceX BFR

Yasaku Maezawa dedicated himself to the Internet fashion industry and is a founding art collector of Tokyo’s Contemporary Art Foundation. The tycoon said traveling to the Moon was his “lifelong dream.”

As for the trip, Maezawa has announced that it will take place in 2023 and that he will invite six to eight artists from around the world to join him as part of the DarMoon art project. Of course, the purpose of this would be that once the artists would come back from the Moon, they will be able to come up with great artwork.

The first space tourist pointed out that he already paid for the reservation of all the seats on the SpaceX BFR rocket. However, he did not reveal the total price of the tickets.

Japanese billionaire Yasaku Maezawa would be the first non-American to fly beyond Earth’s orbit

A total of 24 NASA astronauts, all men, traveled to the Moon and back during the Apollo missions during the 1960s and 1970s. Twelve of them even walked on the Moon’s surface.

The first space tourism flight conducted by SpaceX will take place aboard the Big Falcon Rocket, which so far has only been shown in designs and images, and which may not be ready to fly a human crew sooner than 2023.

The trip to the Moon is expected to last a week and would carry the first non-American human beyond the Earth’s orbit.


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