James Webb Prepares to Observe 88 Distant Galaxies

James Webb Prepares to Observe 88 Distant Galaxies

NASA’s next-generation James Webb Space Telescope, which is considered the successor of the much older Hubble, maintains itself under the spotlight. After the batch of the first full-color images of the Universe was released around mid-July, James Webb is now preparing for even more exciting observations.

According to Universe Today, scientists have 88 galaxies on the list that they want to observe using the James Webb Space Telescope.

The NIRCam (Near-infrared Camera) instrument that’s mounted on the JWST is thought to be able to see cosmic objects that existed only a few tens of millions of years after the Big Bang.

88 galaxies from SMACS 0723 that need attention

The 88 galaxies in question that astronomers want to know more about are from the SMACS 0723 cluster that Webb photographed back in July. Astronomers hope that some of the galaxies were born less than 100 million years after the Big Bang itself, meaning the event that led to the birth of the Universe. 

On the other hand, the SMACS 0723 cluster is also expected to contain much younger galaxies that are less than 200 million years old. James Webb is expected to have a good look at these galaxies as well.

The James Webb Space Telescope also revealed mesmerizing footage of how it zooms in towards the Cartwheel Galaxy in space. NASA’s next-gen telescope has been using the Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam) and even the Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) in order to make the image possible.

Do you need any more proof that James Webb is very active? Just a week ago, we shared the news about the telescope spotting an image of the farthest star in the Cosmos. That celestial object is known as Earendel (or WHL0137-LS, for its more scientific name).

Perhaps the best part is that the James Webb Space Telescope is only getting started with its observations of the Cosmos, which means that we can surely wait for even more ambitious and interesting projects!

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