James Webb Possibly Discovers the Oldest Galaxy in the Universe

James Webb Possibly Discovers the Oldest Galaxy in the Universe

NASA’s next-generation James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is once again under the spotlight after it previously discovered the oldest star clusters in the Universe. Webb is now responsible for discovering bright and early galaxies that weren’t visible until now with any other telescope. 

Associated Press speaks about James Webb’s new discovery of very distant galaxies that weren’t visible until now to human gear. One of the newfound galaxies may have formed very early in the history of our Universe – only 350 million years after the Big Bang. That means that the galaxy in question is more than 13 billion years old. In other words, it may be as old as the Universe itself. 

The most distant galaxy ever discovered?

As you’ve probably already guessed, the galaxy in question might be the most distant one ever spotted by human technology. But still, more confirmation is needed before opening any champagne. 

Due to recent observations of Webb, researchers looked at the First Deep Field Image of the telescope.

Kartheik G. Iyer, who is a co-lead author of that previous study, stated as Phys.org quoted:

Looking at the first images from JWST and discovering old globular clusters around distant galaxies was an incredible moment—one that wasn’t possible with previous Hubble Space Telescope imaging,

Since we could observe the sparkles across a range of wavelengths, we could model them and better understand their physical properties—like how old they are and how many stars they contain. We hope the knowledge that globular clusters can be observed at from such great distances with JWST will spur further science and searches for similar objects.

There are still months to wait until the mysterious galaxy found by Webb is confirmed as being the most distant one ever discovered or not. If the result comes back positive, it will mean that the galaxy will beat the previous one holding the record, one discovered by the Hubble telescope.

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