Israeli Moon Mission, Beresheet, Takes Stunning Selfie In Its Way To The Moon

Israeli Moon Mission, Beresheet, Takes Stunning Selfie In Its Way To The Moon

It won’t be long, and the Moon will welcome an Israeli representative. Beresheet, the Israeli uncrewed spacecraft, is getting closer and closer. Israel’s first mission to the Moon started on February 21st when they launched the equipment mentioned above with the help of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

The launch took place in Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, and Beresheet is expected to reach its destination on April 11th. The spacecraft was developed by SpaceIL, an Israeli non-profit organization in cooperation with Israel Aerospace Industries, an institution owned by the state.

Like we mentioned before, this is the first Israeli mission to the Moon, and it is an uncrewed lunar probe set to land on Earth’s natural satellite in April. Even so, the coordinating team didn’t experience severe problems on what the journey is concerned.

Beresheet, the first Israeli Moon mission, already faced one technical issue

The only technical glitch appeared last week when Beresheet onboard computer system reset unexpectedly. As a result, a setting that keeps the spacecraft on the right track until landing was canceled. Fortunately, the engineers from SpaceIL were able to fix the problem in time and the mission goes on as planned.

These days, we received the first evidence that the Israeli representative to the Moon is heading the right way. The spacecraft shared a stunning selfie on the way to its destination. The supervising team was very excited to see that history is being written thanks to their joint efforts.

If the spacecraft successfully land on the Moon, Israel will join the select club of the nations who managed to conduct such a mission. So far, only three countries are members of this club: the USA, China, and Russia. The team coordinating the mission will share more information as soon as they get more signals from the spacecraft.

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