Is the Universe Only A Computer Program? Scientist Says There’s A Way to Find Out

Is the Universe Only A Computer Program? Scientist Says There’s A Way to Find Out

What is life? What exactly is the Universe, and why do we exist at all? How did we all get here? Is there any objective purpose for our existence and for everything surrounding us? Those are some of the most fundamental questions about life that people have had since the dawn of time.

Apart from the classical theories offered by religions or the ones offered by scientists, who still have a lot of work to do to come up with compelling answers, surely you’ve also heard that reality might be just one big computer program. That’s right: as weird as it may sound, the theory says that we’re all actors in one giant experiment of an extraterrestrial being. It might be a deity, a member of an alien species that’s light-years more advanced than us, or who knows what else. But should we even take such a theory seriously, or is it just another product of the human imagination? Surely it would do well at least as a sci-fi movie script.

Information physics might confirm the wild theory

It’s not a secret to anyone that our Universe is fine-tuned for life to exist and develop. Someone or something, an extremely intelligent source, should be responsible for the setup. That’s also one of the main arguments that religion uses for the existence of a supreme being – God, Allah, etc. However, the theory of our Universe being a computer program where someone or something is governing it also fits up with the fine-tuning part. Throughout history, plenty of scientists supported the theory that we are all part of a computer simulation without even knowing: John Wheeler, Seth Lloyd, and others. 

Information physics is the scientific field supporting the computer simulation theory. It states that our physical Universe fundamentally consists of bits of information that generate our human experience of spacetime.

According to The Conversation, there is a way to put the wild theory to the test. Feel free to read the article to find out more!

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