Intense Heatwaves at the Bottom of the Ocean Puzzle Scientists

Intense Heatwaves at the Bottom of the Ocean Puzzle Scientists

The bottom of the ocean is an intriguing place, with a myriad of unique and often strange objects and creatures that can be found. One of the most notable features of the deep ocean is the presence of bioluminescent creatures. These fascinating organisms use their ability to produce light to communicate with each other or to attract prey in the dark depths of the ocean.

In addition to bioluminescent creatures, the ocean floor is also home to an array of unusual and fascinating creatures, such as deep-sea anglerfish, vampire squid, and giant isopods. These creatures have adapted to life in the extreme conditions of the deep ocean, where temperatures are cold, and pressures are incredibly high.

But nature never ceases to amaze us, whether we like it or not.

Is global warming to blame?

Global warming is causing temperatures to rise across the globe, with marine heatwaves now found to be occurring deep underwater without any detectable warming signal above. NDTV brings the information about the unusual discovery.

Scientists have discovered that these underwater heatwaves can be more intense and last for longer periods than hot spells on the ocean surface. This discovery is based on new modeling by researchers at NOAA, and it highlights the significant impacts that marine heatwaves can have on marine life, coastal communities, and economies. With about 90% of excess heat from global warming being absorbed by the ocean, it has warmed by about 1.5 degrees Celsius during the past century.

In addition to the natural wonders found at the bottom of the ocean, there are also many human-made objects that have ended up there over time, such as shipwrecks, lost cargo, and discarded trash. These objects can provide important clues to our understanding of human history and the impact of our actions on the environment.


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