Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life Can Send Signals – Contact Is Possible, Chinese Scientist Thinks

Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life Can Send Signals – Contact Is Possible, Chinese Scientist Thinks

Professor Huang Yongfeng is working for the Institute of Astronomy at Nanjing University. He has recently declared that at the moment, there are three ways of identifying the intelligent extraterrestrial life. One of the most common of all is trying to capture the signals or radio emissions from them. Even though exoplanets are not located nearby, the radiations can still reach Earth, and the messages can be received using radio telescopes.

Chinese FAST telescope can study both signals are coming from the gut of planets or the radio emissions. Nonetheless, the radio emission intensity is too high for the telescopes to determine which one is coming from aliens. However, the different specifications in the signals can inform us regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life. The difference is the fact that radio waves emitted by natural radiation are different from the ones created by artificial sources.

The FAST telescope was officially released on the 11th of January 2016, and it was the most impressive telescope in terms of sensitivity. Its sensitivity is ten times higher than its predecessor, the Arecibo Observatory.

Establishing Contact With Superior Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life Could Be Dangerous

After the improvement project was adopted, ten new glasses having between 30 and 50 meters in diameter have been added to FAST to increase its sensitivity up to six times and to make it 18 times faster. During its mission, FAST has managed to discover the existence of 102 new pulsars, which led to entering the atmosphere of our planet as unidentified recurrent bursts.

A second method to determine the radio emissions involves sending a spaceship into the outer space to find intelligent extraterrestrial life. However, at the moment, this development is not possible, given today’s advancements. Moreover, the third method consists of sending radio signals to nearby planets that could be inhabited and wait for their response.

Nonetheless, the ones passionate about conspiracy theories are believing that sending messages to intelligent extraterrestrial life forms that could be superior to us might bring the end to our world.

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