Improving Your General Knowledge Through Gaming: Top Trivia-Like Games to Try

Improving Your General Knowledge Through Gaming: Top Trivia-Like Games to Try

Who said that video games are only for children or teenagers? Not all titles from the beloved world of gaming have to do with shooters, RPGs, open-world, and other similar genres. Some games can be purely educational and fun, as we can say that they offer the best of both worlds.

We can learn a lot of valuable information from trivia-like games. It doesn’t matter what field you are interested in – it can be astronomy, biology, anatomy, mathematics, history, geography, chemistry, physics, cinema, literature, and so on. There are still plenty of educational games out there waiting for you to check them out, such as:


Kahoot is a quiz/trivia game that works either as an Android/iOS app or directly in the browser. This is a popular game that is used by many to create and play interactive quizzes on various topics. As a user, you can choose from multiple pre-made quizzes or even create your own. There are numerous fields available, such as science, literature, history, and more. This app is very suitable for group learning and competitive trivia challenges.

The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail is a simulation/educational game that works for PC, Mac, as an Android/iOS app, or even directly in the browser. This is a classic game in which players get to travel back in time to the 19th century. Along their way, users get to face historical challenges and decision-making scenarios. Therefore, they get to learn a lot about pioneer life, geography, and American history.


QuizUp is a quiz/trivia game that works for both Android and iOS devices. It qualifies as a trivia app that allows you to compete against a friend or another player from pretty much any other place in the world. You can confront these fellows in real-time quiz battles, and there are thousands of topics to choose from, such as history, general knowledge, science, and more.


Conquiztador is a trivia/strategy game for Android/iOS smartphones, while it also works directly in the browser. We’re talking about an online multiplayer trivia game that puts your knowledge to the test in various fields, such as science, art, geography, history, and more. You can play this game along with your friends and compete against one another in real-time battles, answering questions and earning points to get your hands on new territories from a virtual map.

Considering that Conquiztador offers competitive gameplay and a diverse range of topics, this game provides an engaging way to expand general knowledge while challenging strategic thinking skills as well.

Wikipedia: The Game of the Week

“Wikipedia: The Game of the Week” is a trivia/educational game that can be accessed directly in the browser. It challenges players to navigate through Wikipedia articles using nothing but hyperlinks. While you start from a random page, you will have to reach a specific destination page as you click on relevant links within a limited number of clicks. This game surely represents a fun way to explore random topics and expand your general knowledge!


Geoguessr is a puzzle/geography game for Android/iOS devices that also works directly in the browser on just about any device that can achieve an internet connection. If you play this game, it will drop you into a random location on Google Street View and challenge you to guess where you are based on visual hints. This is a very fun way to put your geography knowledge to the test and explore the world in a virtual world, from remote landscapes to bustling cities.

Feel free to tell us about your own experience while playing such games as the ones mentioned in this article!



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