Imposing Meteor Emerges on the Sky Over England – Watch Video

Imposing Meteor Emerges on the Sky Over England – Watch Video

Meteors showing up in the sky represent a great opportunity to grab your binoculars and take a closer look at such events. Pretty often, nature likes to remind us how vulnerable we all are in this incredibly vast amount of space where we live.

Luckily for us, the vast majority of meteors that emerge in the sky don’t make it to the surface intact. Air friction does its job very well, and that’s another reason why we should feel grateful towards nature for placing the atmosphere there to protect us in so many ways!

The “Guardian News” YouTube channel now offers us all exciting footage of an imposing meteor that appeared over Southampton (England) on Sunday:

The footage has been captured on a webcam by Solent Ships. More precisely, the celestial show took place at the port of Southampton (England).

Bright meteors in the sky aren’t something new

Our publication has frequently written about meteors lighting up the sky over various parts of the world. For instance, back in July, another bright meteor astonished the people living in Texas.

If meteors are intimidating enough for you, you should be aware of the “real deal”, meaning a meteor shower.

According to NASA, the latter event occurs when our planet passes through a trail of debris left behind by a comet or asteroid. The space agency also tells us that meteors are pieces of rocks and ice that are ejected from comets when they move in orbits around the Sun.

Not only planets, along with their moons, revolve around our star. Oddly or not, comets and asteroids follow the same path. However, comets zip around the Sun in a very elliptical orbit. These relatively small cosmic objects can spend hundreds and thousands of years in the depths of our Solar System before they return at their perihelion to the Sun.

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