Imposing Fireball Zips Through the Skies of Wisconsin – Watch Video

Imposing Fireball Zips Through the Skies of Wisconsin – Watch Video

Fireballs emerging across the skies represent one of those great moments when you become more eager to become an astronaut. Such sights can remain in a person’s mind forever. If such a meteor smashes anywhere near your town, it will stick in your mind even better, but let’s try to be optimistic.

It’s not the case this time, thankfully. A bright fireball lit up the skies above the American state of Wisconsin yesterday morning (January 20), according to Post Crescent

Over 100 eye-witnesses

What could possibly be better than an imposing and bright fireball being seen by a person? More people seeing the same fireball, of course! It’s also the case here, as more than 100 people enjoyed watching the meteor as it hurtled across the skies over their heads.

According to the International Meteor Organization, the fireball passed by around 6:45 a.m., and the residents from Wisconsin reporting the sighting were from southeast and northeast regions. 

As for now, thousands of people can see the majestic event:

University of Wisconsin-Madison astronomy professor James Lattis explained, as quoted by Post Crescent:

They’re almost always more related to the asteroid belt, these extremely bright ones,

It clearly was bright enough to collect a lot of attention.

Lattis also declared, while cited by the same source:

It’s just a matter of time. If you watch the sky long enough, you will see plenty of meteors and even some bright ones,

It’s a reminder that we should all keep an eye on the great things happening in the sky.

What great news! Feel free to tell us in the comment section how it was when you’ve seen the last fireball in the sky! Share that wonderful experience with us! Have you made a wish upon the cosmic object? Did it come true? Now’s your chance to speak out!

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