If Aliens Exist, Why Aren’t They Here Yet?

If Aliens Exist, Why Aren’t They Here Yet?

Since the dawn of civilization, wise men began to wonder if there are other worlds out there in the vastness of space where other beings similar to us exist. As human understanding and science progressed, humanity has become able to go into space, land on the Moon, and analyze other planets and stars remotely. Slowly but surely, we started to understand that the Universe we live in is unfathomably huge, as it doesn’t even show signs of having any limits.

In a Universe so huge as our own, which has trillions of stars and most probably even more planets, how could we believe that we are the only intelligent life forms? Aliens have to be out there somewhere, probably even much closer than we think, and not necessarily only “in a galaxy far, far away.” Aliens could be everywhere in the galaxy or even in our own solar system. But if that’s the case, how come we never encountered an alien so far? There are some pretty reasonable possible explanations.

Aliens are too far away

Aliens might be way too far away from us, so it’s impossible for them to reach us or vice versa. Humanity hasn’t even landed on the closest planet to our own, Mars, which is located at “only” 54 million kilometers away. As for the closest solar system to our own, meaning Alpha Centauri, it’s located at 3 to 4 light years away. That means that we would never be able to go across such a distance by using our current technology.

Aliens might be here already, without us even knowing

Have you ever thought that your neighbor or a co-worker of yours is too weird, that he might not be from this planet? Do you have the same feeling about yourself sometimes when you look in the mirror? Regardless of how amusing it may sound, it could be true: maybe aliens are among us, looking like us Earthlings without us having a clue. Maybe aliens are invisible, maybe they defy all of the laws of nature that we know, and so on. As rude as it may sound, they might have no interest in dropping by and saying “hello!.” Shame on them!

Aliens might find us unimportant

The American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson once said that for a highly intelligent alien species, we humans might be considered completely irrelevant. He reminded us about the fact that the difference between a chimpanzee’s DNA and ours is only 1%. Now think about all those amazing ways we are superior to chimpanzees due to that 1% difference in DNA: we can create, anticipate the future, learn, build a society, and so on. On the other hand, try to imagine how much more advanced an alien species would be compared to us if the difference between their DNA and ours is just 1% in their favor. If that’s the case, the greatest scientific mind that ever existed on Earth could be at the same level as one of their toddlers.

As harsh as it may sound, that’s how deGrasse Tyson put it. He goes on by rhetorically asking ‘when’s the last time you ever had a conversation with a worm?,’ suggesting that for a highly advanced alien species, that’s how we humans might be perceived by them, in the same way that we look at a mere worm as we walk in the alley.

Another old saying says that the proof of intelligence existing in the Universe is that we were never visited by an extraterrestrial species. Regardless of how much we humans like to think highly of ourselves, the truth is that none of our values might not matter at a cosmic scale.

Aliens might not be that prevalent in the Universe

A Universe teeming with life remains a pretty unfeasible scenario. Scientists still can’t fully explain how complex life, such as humans, appeared and works, and one thing’s for sure: it’s called “complex” for some very good reasons. Even a single cell from our body is more complex than anything else we know at this point. This can only mean that complex life can’t be too common in the Universe, which automatically means that aliens living “next-door,” such as on a planet from our own Solar System, is more a scenario for sci-fi movies rather than a possibility that’s worthy to be taken seriously.

Aliens have already chased us away

If you’re wondering why humans have never been to the Moon for half a century, well, you’re not alone. This question has given rise to a conspiracy theory that says NASA encountered hostile alien civilizations on the Moon back in 1972 during the latest Apollo mission. As a result, NASA was forced to bring its crew back to Earth and never visit our natural satellite ever again. While it’s just a conspiracy theory, it’s still worth giving some thought, as NASA not continuing its Apollo program on the Moon remains a puzzling mystery.

Of course, in the end, we all need to acknowledge that for the scenarios mentioned above to be real, the hypothesis of aliens existing needs to be true as well. Whether we like it or not, there is a chance that there aren’t such things as aliens anywhere in the Universe. We might be, after all, the only intelligent creatures in existence, which is pretty depressing if you think about it.


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