Are Humans Ready For The Discovery Of Alien Life?

Are Humans Ready For The Discovery Of Alien Life?

The greatest question humans ask is “Are we alone in the Universe?”. This one hasn’t received an answer, yet. However, there are many believing that it is impossible to be alone. Others go even further and are sure the Earth has been visited by aliens since ancient times. But are humans ready for the discovery of alien life?

Many events rose the idea of extraterrestrial existence

Since the Roswell incident, back in 1947, people have started to believe in extraterrestrials. And how wouldn’t we believe in something that we see so often in movies, documentaries, and on the Internet?

However, even some older events than Roswell made people believe the Martians are coming.

We have lots of Middle Ages paintings depicting UFOs, the Tunguska phenomenon, the WW2 air forces reports of UFO encounters, and so on. We even had the recent ‘Oumuamua comet which has passed through our Solar System in 2017 and was by many considered a spacecraft.

All these shows clearly that the man was always looking to the stars waiting for something or, better say, somebody to get down to Earth to show us we are not alone.

We are still waiting for the proof.

Are humans ready for the discovery of alien life?

According to psychologists at Arizona State University, who have studied the possible people reactions if the alien life existence would be confirmed, humans would react with excitement because we are predisposed to novelty as far as it is not threatening our lives.

However, according to the surveys conducted by psychologists, humans seem interested in alien life forms similar to us, more than in other alien life forms.

In Michael Varnum opinion, who is one of the psychologists that conducted the surveys, the possibility of confirming microbial alien life form is higher than finding aliens capable of traveling between solar systems.

In conclusion, the humans may not be ready for the discovery of alien life in its every possible form, since we are limited by our image of ourselves and can’t imagine the aliens could be totally different biologically and physiologically speaking.


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