Humans Have a Sixth Sense That’s Key to Wellbeing

Humans Have a Sixth Sense That’s Key to Wellbeing

Scientists always knew that the human body has five senses, although they’ve always suspected that a sixth one exists. As for now, they might be more convinced than ever that there’s a sixth sense.

If you have never heard about interception before, don’t worry. It’s the additional sense of the human being that scientists are now trying to understand, and it refers to our body’s internal state, according to

Ensuring that all systems from our bodies work optimally

We surely must not underestimate the sixth sense of interception. It’s the crucial sense that ensures that all of the systems from the body work the way they must do. 

The interception sense also helps us understand internal signals that regulate vital functions from our bodies, such as body temperature, hunger, heart rate, and more.

Interception even plays an important role in our mental health, as it contributes to a lot of psychological processes. Emotional wellbeing is among them.

For a lot of health conditions, there is disrupted interception. The conditions include anxiety and depression.

The 11 organ systems include the lymphatic system, endocrine system, integumentary system, respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, skeletal system, muscular system, cardiovascular system, urinary system, and reproductive systems.

Depression is one of the biggest issues of our world, and medical researchers sure need to find new and efficient ways to tackle it. New findings from November 2021 show that it’s possible to detect depression using a blood test.

Dr Alexander Niculescu, the leader of that research, declared as quoted by

Our study shows that it is possible to have a blood test for depression and bipolar disorder, that have clinical utility, can distinguish between the two, and match people to the right medications,

This avoids years of trials and error, hospitalisations, and side-effects. As these are very common disorders, we think we can do a lot of good with this and other tests and apps we have developed.


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