Humanity Should Tackle Global Warming By Building Houses into the Earth

Humanity Should Tackle Global Warming By Building Houses into the Earth

Global warming is a major threat, and humanity needs new ideas to tackle it. Or perhaps it should draw some inspiration from the past.

Global warming usually means human-induced warming of the Earth’s system. Climate change can mean both natural and anthropogenic change. According to a new article from, Earth houses that were built between the ‘70s and ‘80s for the gas crisis could represent the perfect option for tackling global warming nowadays. Earth houses are those residents whose roofs rise only a little above the surrounding ground.

Extreme weather demands solutions ASAP

Extreme weather is affecting pretty much all parts of the planet. We’re all witnessing it. Bringing back Earth homes becomes an option.

Humans living partly in the ground doesn’t represent anything new. “Round houses” partially sunk in the ground and also covered with turf were built in Europe by migratory hunters by roughly 15,000 BC. You can see examples of such constructions today in Skara Brae from the Orkney Islands of Scotland.

Living roofs can better withstand UV rays as well as temperature fluctuations compared to conventional roofs. Thanks to the stable indoor temperatures within Earth homes, energy costs are reduced. The need to burn fossil fuels is also reduced. This can only mean that the living roofs are better for the environment.

What do you think about Earth houses? Would you live in such a home? Feel free to tell us in a comment! We carefully read all the comments of our visitors, as we believe that they’re all intelligent fellows who have something interesting to say.


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