Humanity Is Heading Towards An Imminent Massive Catastrophe

Humanity Is Heading Towards An Imminent Massive Catastrophe

In the history of the Earth, the magnetic pole has shifted, on average, once every 200,000 or 300,000 years. Although the effects on the Earth are largely insignificant, not the same can be said of mankind, as currently, it is dependent on technology and electronics.

Researchers around the world claim that such a phenomenon is very close. 40,000 years ago, the poles failed to make the shifting, and the last successful flip has happened 800,000 years ago.

The magnetic field is already changing, suggesting that the poles are preparing to shift, and although it can not be said that such an event is imminent for the near future, it is certainly a possibility.

Serious implications for humanity can not be underestimated. Earth’s magnetic field protects the planet from cosmic and solar radiation. When the poles change, the shielding decreases even to one-tenth of what it normally is. The process can take centuries and in the meantime, the radiation will be closer to the planet and even its surface, which would mean that some regions will become impossible to hold life and thus would lead to the disappearance of many species.

In addition to long-term effects, the weak magnetic field would affect satellites that are orbiting the Earth, which are damaged anyhow by cosmic radiation when exposed. If satellites have significant problems, it means that everything that is electronic will have problems, from GPS and mobile phones to electrical infrastructure, and even further.

Every day, we become increasingly dependent on technology, with autonomous and electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, smartphones, smartwatches, and many other innovations that are advancing extremely fast. When the event takes place, these technologies will take even more people’s lives. Hospitals will become malfunctioning, as well as many military pieces of equipment. Communications at the global level will fall, and electronic transactions will become impossible.

In other words, the world, as we know it, will have be sent 150 years back in time. Unfortunately, unlike many other events, pole shifting is an imminent massive catastrophe.


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