Huge Universe Simulation Becomes Available for Exploration By Anyone

Huge Universe Simulation Becomes Available for Exploration By Anyone

Did you ever dream of exploring the Universe, instantly show yourself from one galaxy to another, or swap between planets anytime you want? Did you ever want to feel “godly” powers and get rid of the old problem “what could possibly exist on that planet?”? Surely you’ve wanted that if you’re at least a bit interested in astronomy and what mysteries could await us beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

We’re sorry to disappoint you, but you’ll never achieve such a mind-blowing thing. The laws of physics and our natural boundaries as human beings won’t allow it to happen. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t simulate such an experience.

Explore a virtual Universe for FREE informs us that an international team of researchers has created the Uchuu virtual Universe that can be explored by everyone at no cost. Scientists from the USA, Japan, Argentina, Spain, France, Chile, Italy, and Australia created the simulation using the most powerful supercomputer for astronomy, which is known as ATERUI II. Uchuu is accessible on the cloud, and it’s a very realistic simulation of the Universe.

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Julia F. Ereza is a Ph.D. student from IAA-CSIC who likes to use Uchuu for studying large structures of the Universe. She explained, as quoted by

Uchuu is like a time machine: we can go forward, backward and stop in time, we can ”zoom in” on a single galaxy or ”zoom out” to visualize a whole cluster, we can see what is really happening at every instant and in every place of the universe from its earliest days to the present, being an essential tool to study the cosmos.

Uchuu consists of 2.1 trillion particles in a computational cube.
The results appeared in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.


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