Huge Explosion Occurs Near One of Russia’s Largest Cities – Watch Footage

Huge Explosion Occurs Near One of Russia’s Largest Cities – Watch Footage

Earlier today, Russians living in one of the country’s largest cities witnessed a huge explosion that generated huge amounts of acrid smoke and flames rising high into the air. The witnesses also had to endure a deafening blast, and they started to discuss on social media what could have caused the explosion.

According to Mirror, the blast occurred in a residential area from Vsevolozhsk, meaning around 24km east of St Petersburg, the second-largest city in Russia. An erupting gas pipeline running through the Leningrad region is believed to be the cause of the explosion, according to state media. 

Gladly, The Telegraph presented footage of the incident, and we can all see how the flames and smoke easily dominate the frames:

YouTube video

The fire is currently under control, according to the local governor. He also said that the locals are not in danger. 

Gov. Alexander Drozdenko explained on Telegram, as Fox News quotes:

Firefighters and rescuers extinguish a fire caused by a gas pipeline depressurization between Berngardovka and Kovalevo,

There is no threat to the population and the spread of fire to residential areas.

The largest city in Russia is Moscow, the capital of the country which also covers an area of over 2,500 square kilometers. More than 12.6 million people currently live in Moscow. As for St. Petersburg, the second-largest city in Russia, a number of over 5.5 million souls live there. The city also covers an area of over 356 square kilometers.

We’ll probably get to know even more in the coming days about the explosion near St. Petersburg, so stay tuned!



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