The Huge 2017 VR12 Asteroid Will Pass Next To Earth On Wednesday

The Huge 2017 VR12 Asteroid Will Pass Next To Earth On Wednesday

According to NASA, the possibly dangerous 2017 VR12 asteroid will pass next to our planet on Wednesday, at around 7:50 AM (GMT).

The 2017 VR12 asteroid is three times larger than a football field

The NASA representatives have cataloged the 2017 VR 12 asteroid on the agency’s list of “Earth Close Approaches”.

The asteroid measures a stunning diameter of more than 470 meters (rock spans up to an astonishing 470 meters (1,542 ft) and will pass close to the Earth at a speed of 22 678 km/h (14,092 mph).

The 2017 VR12 asteroid is about three times larger than a football field and the huge space rock is even bigger than the Golden Gate Bridge, the renown San Francisco which has about 230 meters over the water.

Besides, 2017 VR12 asteroid is also cataloged by NASA and the International Astronomical Union on the possible dangerous asteroids’ list.

The 2017 VR12 asteroid will whizz by closer than the February 4th fly of the 2002 AJ129 asteroid

NASA astronomers stated that the 2017 VR12 space rock will pass next to the Earth at a distance of approximately 1,450,000 (about 900,000 miles) which equals to approximately 3.8 lunar distances (3.8 times the distance between Earth and Moon).

2017 VR12 is the 3rd asteroid that will fly by the Earth, in a little more than 30 days.

Besides the 2002 AJ129 asteroid (also a big hazardous asteroid) which passed at almost 2,616,000 miles away from the Earth on February 4th, the 2017 VR12 asteroid which will whizz by on Wednesday will be much closer to Earth but still will not represent any danger.

This year, another big asteroid will whizz by the Earth

In November 2018, a strange object within our Solar System will close to Earth for the second time in history. Previously, the object was observed in 2015, hence its name 2015 TB145, which was also nicknamed The Halloween Asteroid because of its skull-shaped form.

According to Science Alert, he previously visited the Earth on October 31s, 2015, and experts believe it would actually be a dead comet.

In the meantime, we can enjoy the 2017 VR12 asteroid as it whizz by on Wednesday.


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