Hubble’s Past “Image of the Day” Shows Galaxy “Squeezed” By Stars

Hubble’s Past “Image of the Day” Shows Galaxy “Squeezed” By Stars

Plenty of times, astronomers activated their powerful telescopes only to find themselves in the situation of playing by ear. Something else occurred, and it was often a pleasant surprise. 

NASA recently revealed an image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope ten years ago, and tells us more. The age-old telescope operated by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) has spotted a dwarf galaxy located 30 million light-years away from Earth.

Looking at the photo, you may instantly have the feeling that you see a galaxy that’s crushed by many stars and other galaxies. 

The ESO 318-13 galaxy enters the cosmic stage

ESO 318-13 is the galaxy in question, and it’s enough to take a brief look at it to realize how difficult it is to say for sure what’s cooking there.

NASA wrote in its tweet:

Image of the Day: A brilliant cascade of stars captured by
shows galaxy ESO 318-13 sandwiched between a vast collection of bright celestial objects.

The tiny glowing disks throughout the frame are more distant galaxies! 

Surely you want more details about what’s going on in the image, as it has ignited the curiosity of many who are either astronomers or just simple folks passionate about this wonderful field.

Here’s another statement from NASA issued almost two weeks ago:

ESO 318-13 is sandwiched between a vast collection of bright celestial objects. Several stars near and far dazzle in comparison to the neat dusting contained within the galaxy. One that particularly stands out is located near the center of the image, and looks like an extremely bright star located within the galaxy.

Astronomers currently estimate that there are trillions of other galaxies out there in the Cosmos, so they’ll most likely never run out of homework!

Cristian Antonescu

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