Hubble Space Telescope Photographed A Globular Cluster Of Aging Stars

Hubble Space Telescope Photographed A Globular Cluster Of Aging Stars

Stars clusters, as the name says, are groups of stars, and there are two categories of such groups. There are globular clusters, tight gathering of thousands of old stars bounded together by gravity forces, and open clusters, groups of several hundreds of stars that are typically very young. Now, Hubble Space Telescope captured a globular cluster of aging stars.

In the image, there is visible a gathering of stars, in the center, that depicts a very massive globular cluster, characterized by its colossal density and the gravitational forces that hold the stars close one the other.

As mentioned above, globular clusters are commonly populated by thousands of old stars. According to the studies, these old stars “collections” contains stars of about 10 billion years old. Therefore these clusters are significant for astronomers and astrophysicist as they can reveal more data on the formation of galaxies in the Universe.

Hubble Space Telescope captured globular cluster of aging stars

Even though scientists have thoroughly studied these stars groups over the time, their role in the Universe and galaxies formation is still a topic of debate and study, on the other hand.

Now, Hubble Space Telescope photographed a globular study of aging stars named NGC 6139. According to the scientists, NGC 6139 is visible in the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, in the direction of the constellation of Scorpius (the Scorpion), and is made up of stars of different ages but which are still aging.

On the other hand, the constellation of Scorpius has offered fascinating observation for Hubble, including astonishing binary systems, bright globular clusters, and the beautiful Butterfly Nebula.

Studying a globular cluster of aging stars, such as this one recently captured by Hubble Space Telescope, is essential for scientists to find more clues to how the galaxies formation takes place in the Universe.


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