Hubble Space Telescope Is Now Watching An Astonishing Far-Distant Spiral Galaxy

Hubble Space Telescope Is Now Watching An Astonishing Far-Distant Spiral Galaxy

The Hubble Space Telescope captured a new stunning image of a far-distant spiral galaxy – NGC 1015. The distant galaxy, called NGC 1015 or LEDA 9988 is located in the constellation Cetus and is at approximately 117.42 million light-years away from us. The galaxy has been observed for the first time in history by Wilhelm Tempel, a German astronomer, in 1875.

The NGC 1015 Galaxy Is Similar To The Milky Way

NGC 1015 is a big galaxy, a very shiny one, also, and has a large core and beautiful spiral emerging from its gaseous and stars-crowdy center bar. Similar to Milky Way, our own galaxy, NGC 1015 is, at its turn, a barred spiral galaxy.

The formations known as ‘bars’ in astronomy are present in the majority of the galaxy’s spiral and the whole galaxy whirl from a faded yellowish-looking ring.

The experts consider that the voracious black holes which are prowling of the core of the NGC 1015 galaxy are conducted the energy and the gases from the far spirals towards the center of the galaxy through the spirals’ bars. Thus, the black holes are consuming the attracted matter and feed the birth of the star at the very core of the NGC 1015 galaxy.

A Type Ia Supernova Is Situated In NGC 1015

The supernovae of the Type Ia are considered by the astronomers as very significant for understanding more secrets about the Universe because they have been born by the explosions of white dwarfs, which, commonly, ar part of a dual-stars system, and always shine brightly by approximately 5 billion times more than our own Sun.

Studying and understanding the real origin of such a powerful shiness possessed by these spectacular cosmic events could provide the possibility for astronomers to calculate more efficiently the distances in the Universe.

A group of astronomers working at the Lick Observatory Supernova Search Project have located a Type Ia supernova, which has been named SN 2009ig, inside the NGC 1015, in 2009.


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