Hubble Finds Star That Survived a Supernova

Hubble Finds Star That Survived a Supernova

Supernovae represent the end of the road for a star. A supernova is the explosion of the star itself. The size of the explosion will vary from case to case, but sometimes, a supernova can be as powerful and bright as an entire galaxy.

You would obviously be tempted to say that nothing could possibly remain intact if a supernova does its thing nearby. But you know what they say that life is full of surprises.

Studying the 2013ge supernova

The Hubble telescope’s Wide Field Camera 3 was used to take a good look at the supernova known as 2013ge. Previous Hubble observations were also taken into account. Astronomers found some good reasons to believe that there must be a surviving binary companion to the supernova, according to

Ori Fox, the lead investigator and also an astronomer of the Space Telescope Science Institute from Baltimore, explained as quotes:

This was the moment we had been waiting for, finally seeing the evidence for a binary system progenitor of a fully stripped supernova,

“The goal is to move this area of study from theory to working with data and seeing what these systems really look like.

Another interesting statement issued by Fox goes as follows, as the same source quotes:

There is great potential beyond just understanding the supernova itself. Since we now know most massive stars in the universe form in binary pairs, observations of surviving companion stars are necessary to help understand the details behind binary formation, material-swapping, and co-evolutionary development. It’s an exciting time to be studying the stars.

Scientists estimate that there are trillions of galaxies in the Universe, and each of them should have hundreds of billions of stars. Therefore, astronomers shouldn’t be amazed if they ever find other stars that are able to survive a supernova explosion.

The new study was published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

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