How to Stay Safe From Mosquitoes

How to Stay Safe From Mosquitoes

If you’re like most people, surely you’re not a fan of donating blood to mosquitoes. Those little flying vampires won’t hesitate to chow down on you as soon as they get the chance, and they don’t even care if you’re delicious or not.

The real problem is not necessarily that you can lose a very small amount of blood from your body. Mosquitoes spread diseases through their bites, and some of them can even kill a person if there shall be a lack of medical treatment.

Therefore, we’ve prepared a list of simple ways to get rid of mosquitoes. Anybody can apply them:


Did you know that lavender candles represent a great way to keep mosquitoes at bay? Go ahead and start burning some of those candles in your house. Mosquitoes will disappear, and your room will even have a pleasant smell.

Coffee grounds

You can also burn some coffee grounds in an egg carton or coffee tray to make those flying vampires go away. They’ll be irritated by the smoke.

Outdoor soup

Not many people know that if you wash with outdoor soup, mosquitoes won’t perceive you as a potentially good meal anymore. The scent that your sweat will generate will keep those pesky insects away.


Mosquitoes aren’t very good flyers, and you can exploit that aspect to your advantage. One way of doing so is by using a fan and placing it strategically. In this way, mosquitoes won’t approach anymore.

Seal windows

Mosquitoes are strongly attracted to light, so if you keep your window open and the lights on, you’re practically inviting those vampires in for supper. And as you’ve already guessed, that supper will be YOU! Instead, you can just seal those windows and doors.

These are our ideas, and we firmly believe that they can be helpful to any person who’s willing to get rid of mosquitoes!



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