How the Internet Can Help You Become a Much Better Student

How the Internet Can Help You Become a Much Better Student

It’s 2024, and we live in the era of information, which means that we can theoretically learn just about anything very fast. The world of the online realm is loaded with information, and all we have to do is go for it! Those days are long gone when you had to walk a few miles to the library to grab a book in order to obtain some information you needed!

One fact that we often forget is that the internet is loaded with powerful ways to make us learn something faster or even master a certain field! It’s not just text added on a webpage, as there are plenty of powerful tools out there awaiting for us to benefit from them! Let’s get into detail:


Listening to someone reading a book that interests you can be a powerful learning tool for many. Why would you waste time and effort reading a book when you can just listen to the same text in the audiobook format? Furthermore, you can read a book at the same time you are listening to someone on YouTube reading it along with you, as that strategy would make you learn what you need even faster! In other words, you can listen to an audiobook at the same time you are reading its content.


We can learn a lot of stuff from vlogging nowadays. We can learn about the history, culture, and traditions of another country. We can learn about web development, coding, how to repair a broken pipe in the bathroom, and a lot more. The benefit of hearing someone explaining something while they also provide relevant footage cannot be stressed enough. Personally, I’ve learned how to cook from vlogs on YouTube. I didn’t have any idea how to cook even a simple meal, and now, thanks to YouTube vlogs, I’m preparing my own meals each and every time.

Interactive courses

There are lots of interactive courses on the internet about just about any field you can imagine, and a lot of them are free. For instance, you can head over to to learn how to code in numerous programming languages. The platform offers you the chance to exercise in numerous ways until you can be sure that you’ve indeed mastered a specific programming language. You can read across tons of documentation pages and aim for the exercises and quizzes at any time you want to make sure you know the drill.

There are even interactive courses about driving lessons online. What more could you ask for?

Vibrant communities

You can get in contact with communities in the fields that have gotten your interest. You can access the relevant Facebook groups, forums, Discord groups, Telegram groups, and more. All you need to do is focus on a specific group, and the rest is easy. There are even platforms out there that organize meetings of people interested in a particular subject, such as global warming. You can feel free to announce that you’ll be joining them and physically go to the meeting.

Meeting and communicating with people interested in the same subject as you are can certainly make you learn faster and become better at something.

Start teaching others

If you’re good in a specific field, you can go ahead and share with others what you know through different platforms. The feeling of leadership and power can make you even better, as you will practically be forced to improve.

Thankfully, the world of the internet offers us numerous ways to become better on a specific subject. We just need to go ahead and grab that opportunity!


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