How Sending Gears to Mars Will Become Cheaper Than Expected

How Sending Gears to Mars Will Become Cheaper Than Expected

If you think that living on Earth is expensive, going to Mars will surely make a great hole in your budget! It doesn’t seem very reasonable for a lifeless planet. But that doesn’t necessarily have to apply when it comes to rovers and other technological systems sent by humans to the Red Planet.

Going to Mars is important for exploring space. A truly advanced civilization has to go beyond its own planet. Until we ever get there, we need more info gathered by robots from the alien world. But the bad news is that sending anything to the Red Planet, including humans or just rovers, isn’t cheap. The good news is that scientists are working to bring some solutions.

New and inexpensive ways of gathering data from Mars

According to, Bethany Ehlmann, who’s a planetary scientist from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, backs up how to use the inexpensive craft for investigating Mars.

Credit:, WikiImages
Credit:, WikiImages

Ehlmann said for

Mars, like Earth, is diverse. Different locales capture different environmental snapshots.

While speaking for the same source, the scientist stated:

A system as complicated as Mars requires breadth as well as depth,” adding: “and that means finding new ways to explore at multiple locations by lowering the price per spacecraft mission through technology or new programmatic paradigms and collaborations. Imagine half a dozen mobile Mars explorers, operated by universities around the country … That would get students energized about careers in science and engineering!

Landing humans to Mars or at least exploring the territory with fancy tools is practically mandatory. Our Earth cannot provide food and resources to humanity forever. Climate change keeps causing plenty of disastrous outcomes, diseases such as COVID keep spreading, and so on.

NASA’s Artemis mission is just around the corner, as it will return humans to the Moon, and hopefully, Mars will become the next destination.

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