High UV Radiations Are Sterilizing The Trees

High UV Radiations Are Sterilizing The Trees

A new study conducted by Jeffrey Benca, a scientist at the University of California, revealed that the high UV radiations sterilize the trees due to the holes in the Ozone layer.

The Ozone Layer is far from being recovered

Although more than 30 years have passed since the Montreal Protocol, the layer of the lower stratosphere remains dangerously thin. This could be due to some new unregulated chemicals.

Back in the ’70s or ’80s, a lot of news on chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) emerged. Scientists then realized that CFCs could damage the ozone layer of our atmosphere.

In 1987, nearly 200 states of the world signed the Montreal Protocol, which banned CFCs. The goal was to limit the extension of the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica.

Unfortunately, the ozone layer is still thin permitting dangerous UV radiation levels to hit the Earth in some areas.

High UV radiations sterilize the trees

The life on the planet Earth cannot be sustained without trees and plants, in short, without vegetation.

Thus, it is absolutely mandatory to take the appropriate measures to protect the vegetation against any danger. And high UV radiations seem to be very dangerous for the trees, according to Jeffrey Benca’s study.

Jeffrey took several pines and exposed them to very high UV-B radiation. Jeffrey used UV rays by about 13 times higher than the UV-B radiation of a sunny day. He soon observed that the trees didn’t die but their seeds cones died within a few days after exposure to increased UV-B radiation.

Jeffrey Benca’s study has proven an older theory that says that the UV-B radiations were the cause of the mass extinction that took place on Earth approximately 252 million years ago.

According to the recent study, 252 million years ago the massive volcanic eruptions in Siberia region caused huge holes in the ozone layer which permitted increased UV-B radiations to hit the Earth.

Very high levels of UV-B radiation sterilized the trees and caused genetical modifications in vegetation.


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